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About Franco - FRANCO SITA - Trompe l'oeil


I was born in Bologna in 1965 and graduated from the Art School of Bologna. In 1989, I earned the bachelor's License in Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna. I started my career as a set designer working for private stagecraft laboratories, and created 25 sets for performances of opera, operetta and prose, for the largest theaters in Emilia-Romagna region, Italy. Most of my work was carried out as a theater stage designer for Teatro Comunale of Bologna, with which I collaborated on 12 operas. The last opera was the staging of Verdi's Aida (direction and scenes by Pieralli), in the 2000-2001 season of the Teatro Comunale.

Between 1993 and 1996 I also worked as an assistant designer for the production of numerous music videos and commercials, and participated in film productions as a scene painter.



 - FRANCO SITA - Trompe l'oeil


Since 1991  I've worked not only as a set designer but also as a painter-decorator and created trompe l'oeil paintings, murals and decorations in private dwellings as well as in shopping centres, restaurants and in cultural activities. 

My participation in the development of the artistic part of the Memorial-Museum of Freedom opened on 21st April 2001 in Bologna is particularly worth noting. This is an unparalleled event in Italy. It includes the three-dimensional reconstruction in 5 multimedia scenes, of some episodes that took place in Bologna and its province in the last days of World War II.Since 2002, I have devoted myself entirely to painting and decorating, in constant search for the best pictorial solutions for interior design.